Why did we started hotbasket.co.uk ?

We have realised that not everybody is Chef and its very hard for some of us to get the proper authentic taste of the restaurant. We here decided to focus on Dehydrated food Packs. What dehydrated food processing does is take away the moisture from fruit, Vegetables or any Recipe ready to eat. Dehydration is one of the oldest process which has been used by centuries and in modern world gives us longest expiry for your food. Dehydrated food Packets are a great way to enjoy your meals without being lazy. Its Cooked 10 min

Our Vision

We at hotbasket aim to provide the best quality product at very reasonable and competitive cost. As we are aware that the market is flooded with so many brands who sell the same product. We at hotbasket research for the best quality product which give you the necessary nutrition required for the best Value spend.